Comments from Clients and Colleagues


Photo credit, Mount Holyoke College Office of Communications

“My sessions with Jennifer were immensely helpful. She is both affirming and challenging — a rare combination. I was grateful for her support, her insight, and her warm humor. I was especially thankful for her ability to help me to address my issues on both a very practical level and a deeper, more spiritual level. I’m still using the tools she suggested and still asking the questions she prompted.”
LeDayne M.P., clergy and non-profit leader

“Jennifer Sanborn is a gift. From the first day, it was as if I had known her all my life—and she knew me. She looked at me, listened to me, talked with me, and—within minutes it seemed—saw the whole me and the potentials within me. She proceeded to talk with me, coach me, and inspire me to realize those potentials that I had never recognized or honored. It was as if the universe dropped her into my life to help me to open the surprise package that turned out to be a better, more complete and confident me. She transformed the way I envision my future.”
Teresa S., higher education faculty member and administrator

“Jennifer met me exactly where I was; she acknowledged my fear and my concerns–yet at the same time, she reminded me to look for the possibilities ahead. Instead of feeling like a victim, I was/am reminded of my power. I know now that whatever is happening around me, I must remember who I am and my integrity–no one and no experience can take that away from me. As I move forward into the unknown, I am focused on my gifts to the world. If I do my best with each moment given to me, I will arrive wherever I’m meant to be. Jennifer is a compassionate and wise teacher who lifted me up to help me on my journey.”
Christine L., higher education faculty member

“I have had the pleasure and benefit of Jennifer’s astute observations, wise insights, and suggestions for direction.  Most importantly, I have gained great confidence and have noticed the same in others whom Jennifer has advised.  Jennifer has a way of making anyone who spends time with her feel three inches taller.  She sees in us gifts and talents that we forgot we possess. This renews our purpose in using those gifts to make a better world.”
Donna H., non-profit leader


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