Coaching Sessions

NEW in Spring 2016: In order to make coaching affordable to a wider array of potential clients, I am now offering a coaching call-only model with 50 minute individual sessions for $65 each. While many clients comment that the written reflection is one of the most valuable aspects of the experience, I believe clients can create this value for themselves by developing the discipline of their own written reflection following each call. Contact me for more information!

Investing in the work of creating positive personal change is a significant decision. I am happy to answer any questions you have about what coaching entails and what it costs. As a potential client, you can schedule a 15-minute complimentary call to determine if there is a connection between your goals and what I offer.

Each coaching session consists of a 50 minute phone call, after which I provide to you via email a written reflection of our conversation. This reflection might include themes to consider further, questions to ask in the week to come, or insights that stand out for me as a listener. A single session costs $115. (Evening sessions–after 5 p.m. EST–cost $135, and are available on a limited basis.)

While powerful work can take place in a single conversation, I recommend clients commit to a block of time over which we can work together. As incentive for selecting this more beneficial model, five pre-purchased sessions (to be scheduled over a six week period) are available for $525, a savings of $50. (Five evening sessions cost $625.) Payment is via Paypal (below) or by check in advance of the coaching session. Rare exceptions will be made for clients receiving institutional or company funds requiring invoicing after service.

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To schedule a 15 minute complimentary call or full coaching session, send an email message to jenniferlsanborncoaching {at} gmail {dot} com. Please note that coaching is different from therapy, spiritual direction, and other one-to-one supporting relationships. If I believe your appropriate connection is in another field, I will gladly make a referral or suggest you consider alternatives. What matters most is that you receive the guidance and support you need, regardless of that need or your circumstance. Before we begin a coaching relationship, you will sign an agreement of understanding about these differences.

My training as a coach is based on appreciative inquiry, a process of identifying and naming what is best in you and the life you have lived. Together, we build your future on the life-giving stories that have shaped your past. If you’re worried you don’t have such stories, think again. Every person has strengths, assets, resources, and wisdom. Sometimes we haven’t been given permission to see or use them. Appreciative inquiry is bringing your gifts into the light where they will multiply and grow. It is also a process of transforming personal and professional losses, negative experiences, and critical voices that impede you. By focusing on what works and transforming what no longer works for you, you will hang up the phone from each session feeling a sense of delight in yourself and the possibilities in your life; this is the appreciative approach.


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