About Jennifer

I began “coaching” at five years old, with no training or vocabulary to understand this calling. My father was pastor of a church, and during the annual church bazaar I noticed a woman whose beautiful hand-quilted bags weren’t selling. I was deeply empathic, then and now, and my concern was not so much her lack of sales as the toll this was taking on her self-esteem. Though I didn’t have enough money to buy a bag, I did have enough to purchase carnations for her table. Her delight in this unexpected gift was apparent, and later in the day she found me to say that the gift had been a turn-around moment; she had sold a number of bags shortly thereafter.

To this day, my coaching process is much the same: notice a situation ripe for reframing, select a goal, identify available resources, come alongside, and celebrate when a turn of mind creates a new outcome. This woman had all she needed right there at the table; my acknowledgement and gift was simply a nudge in the right direction. The same is true for every client.

I have coached clients and colleagues who have found the courage to return to school, change careers, reinvest in relationships, develop body awareness and new patterns, and ask for money/time/change. The goals and the outcomes come from you. My privilege is to listen, ask new questions, notice energy, allow obstacles to surface for transformation, and remind you that you have all you really need inside you. One of my gifts is to name your gifts, and I treasure the moment when clients begin to recognize and claim their full potential.

My family is the center of my life. I have worked for twenty plus years in higher education, and I am also pastor of a small congregation I dearly love. The “multi-vocational” life holds deep appeal for me as I embrace the many roles I am privileged to have in this season of life. In all contexts, I am deeply committed to learning, growing, and celebrating as people discover and recover their sense of worth worth. I would love to be a witness to your dreams.

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