Poetic Prayer

My morning began too, too early, walking dogs in the rain, but it took a marked step up after a morning call with a client. I hung up grateful for my work and attentive to the gifts in my life–one of which was a morning retreat creating “Poetic Prayer” with my friend Deb Moyer.

Deb led us in a time of meditation, then offered brief instruction on various forms we might use. She set us free to create and compose with the simple suggestion to notice something, in us or out, then write about the theme of spring.

What leapt out at me was the contrast between the Christmas cactus at the Spiritual Life Center and my own not-so-thriving cactus at home, a generational outgrowth of what began as a wedding gift to my grandparents, or so legend would hold.

This is what came pouring out….offered in dedication to all those who struggle to live luscious and full. Come, share your color.

It is a Christmas cactus, after all
No reason to look for blossoms beyond fall
But the branches, too, look bare–
Less green and shine to share

Generations old, a grandmother’s wedding gift
My branch of the family plant in need of a lift
Is it too far from sun, the water too spare?
Have I taken the time to show it my care?

Oh God, have I, like this plant, settled for less
Tending my soil only at signs of distress?
What would it be to live luscious and full?
Vibrant with color, the opposite of dull?

I’d blossom because it’s Tuesday, or Wednesday, or June
Because the sun shines, the rain pours, because I see the moon
I’d ignore rules and seasons, the way “it’s supposed to be”
I’d call all the others to show color with me

For the women before me life was hard and too brief
Glimpses of heaven from earth a relief
But my branch is unique, growing at its own pace
What would it be, here and now, to know grace?

Mother of cactuses, Christmas, and spring
Help me remember what makes my life sing
Rooted in love that stretches across time
Growing with light, water, breath….it’s divine

© 2017 Jennifer L. Sanborn. All Rights Reserved.