Choose Your Own Adventure

It’s summer vacation in our house for the kids, and I anticipate daily trips to the library to feed their voracious reading appetites. When I was in early elementary school, filling out summer reading logs, I loved “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. At the bottom of each page was an instruction: “Turn to page 32 if you want to look in the cave; turn to page 65 if you want to return to the river and look for Tom.” After a few reads, I had¬†tried every conceivable plot, but I never tired of being able to choose where to go and what to do next.

Years ago, in my own “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, I saw this at the bottom of a page: “Turn to page 145 to work from home as you raise teen and pre-teen kids.” Perhaps the words weren’t quite so specific, but the vision of this life I am beginning was clear. I had attended a workshop focused on shaping my life’s work, and in a visualization about the future, I could not get out of my house. I didn’t feel trapped in any way, but initially I felt confused. I had never worked from home, and despite not having children in “real” life, in the visualization I had two, a daughter and son, growing rapidly toward their teen years. I understood my work to be multi-faceted, focused on serving women individually and in groups, and I was deeply satisfied. I can still picture the sun shining in the windows of the house as I moved from room to room.

In December, when faced with a decision to apply for an on-going role in higher education (my field for 20 years) or try something entirely new, I decided to flip to page 145. I decided it was time to make my long-held vision a reality. In truth, I had been moving toward it for years. First and foremost, I had those two children–a daughter and son–and I selected positions, institutions, or both that focus on women as their primary mission. I received training as a life coach, and I put this training to work from within the institutions I served. Now I have entered a life where my office key is my house key, the institution I serve begins and ends with me (and you!), and the sun shines through the windows in spectacular fashion.

It all began with having a visualization–a dream–and believing that my subconscious knew something that day that was worth remembering. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to dream? Or remembered and shared a dream you once had? It’s time to choose your own adventure.

© 2014 Jennifer L. Sanborn. All Rights Reserved.